Linda C. Miller
Contemporary Botanical Artist 
"I began painting from life in 2008 with portraits of a  simple subject, such as a flower or a seed pod.  A view of nature I enjoy to this day.  Each year I grew, adding more leaves, adding more dimension, and even telling a plant's life story.  I have even painted a work over four feet tall." 


Today, my works are created in watercolor and oil.  In 
2009, I held my first solo exhibit and initiated the Botanical Art Workshops at The Elizabethan Gardens.  In 2010, I  entered my first juried exhibition and this painting was awarded First Place, a Lenten Rose and it sold the very first day.  

In 2011,  The Elizabethan Gardens name me “Botanical Artist in Residence”  a title of honor where I have been  teaching watercolor  workshops since 2009.  "I love to paint portraits of nature.  Drawing from life speaks to the explorer in me and many of my works are from the trail and our gardens.  What I love most about nature is that every effort has meaning ~ no effort is wasted.” 

Through her artwork, Linda encourages the viewer to look a little bit closer and look a little bit longer to see the amazing structures, textures and colors found in nature.


This drawing was made while on a seven hour flight back to the States from London in 2007. While in Scotland, we had taken in an exhibit at Holyrood House, featuring original works by several notable natural history artists - Alexander Marshall, Maria Sibylla Merian, and Mark Catesby. I purchased the book accompanying the exhibit and sat with it every morning and late afternoon while in London---reading about the artists and admiring their exceptional paintings. 

The leaves above are featured on the cover. While on our flight back home, we were seated just in front of the "emergency exit" row, because the airline cancelled my husband's return flight reservation and we lost our original seating assignments. The seats did not RECLINE.  Not able to relax.....I drew these beautiful leaves from its cover. 

That fall, I completed my first "life" drawing of a slender day flower from our property. Over the next six months, I drew and painted winter specimens from my garden, my nature walks, and even our local library. After taking a scientific drawing workshop with Lara Call Gastinger at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden that October, I was hooked.

What I love most is walking into my studio every day and seeing my works in progress.  As I look at each one, I remember all the others that came before.

Each piece has its own voice, its own statement, its own essence.  There is a “place” that I enter when I draw and paint.  When I first started drawing,  I knew nothing about the unique elements of my subject.  Now after completing over 100 projects, I seek to show the amazing and beautiful details of my subject, whether it be the leaf scars on a Magnolia branch, the pollen on a stamen or how a whorled leaf attaches to the stem.  Each species that I paint is beautiful and a miracle.  I am convinced that there is an intelligence here that we have yet to fully understand, a mystery, a joy.

  • Studies in botanical art, ceramics, drawing, design, fiber arts, graphic art, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpting.
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Marketing and Public Relations, Magna Cum Laude. Wayne State University.

Community Involvement
  • Botanical Art Demonstrations at The Gallery at York Hall, The Elizabethan Gardens, and The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, current.
  • Botanical Art Lectures to the general public and community groups, current.
  • Program Committee Member, The Williamsburg Botanical Garden 2010-2012.
  • Children’s Workshops at 4/H Camp, York County Learning Garden and The Williamsburg Botanical Garden, current.
  • Communications Volunteer, This Century Art Gallery 2010-2011.
  • Original art donated to local non-profit organizations, 2008 to current.
  • Resident Artist, New Town Art Gallery, Williamsburg, 2012- 2013. 
  • Illustrations for the Virginia Department of Forestry.
  • Board Member and Newsletter Designer, BASNCR, 2016-2017.

Linda C. Miller  Contemporary Botanical Art
Artist   Naturalist   Instructor

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