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Happy Painting, Linda

I began painting "Botanical Portraits" in 2008 and have created over 100 works!  In the beginning, I would select a simple subject; a stem, a flower or a seed pod.  As I became more experienced, I "enlarged" my subject  and painted my largest work, a paper narcissus over 4 feet tall. 

Moth Orchid  Phalaenopis

Watercolor on Paper

Adding the dark purples found on the leaf edges and the veins.

Hydrangea macrophylla
Watercolor on Paper
Here is a work that I started four years ago.  I am adding Chinese White to the petals and finishing the leaves.  

This is a drawing drawn from life. A gardenia fruit whose pollinator is still a mystery to me. This drawing was done in 2010. It is back in the studio to add a bit more for an exhibition. So glad I now have my eyes back ... a new lens subscription! 

Swamp Chestnut Oak Quercus michauxii
Watercolor on Paper

This year the Swamp Chestnut Oak beside our driveway released hundreds of acrons. The acorns are 1⁄2 - 1 1⁄4 inches (13 - 32 mm) and one needs to be careful not to get one underfoot!

American Persimmon Fruits Diospyros virginiana
Every year I bring home a persimmon branch.  Here is one from this fall.  The bloom on the ripening fruit is a lovely light violet, pastel and opaque, that is so beautiful with the orange.  Touch the fruit and this bloom disappears.

Dogwood Cornus florida
Watercolor on Paper

Magnolia grandiflora
Seed Pod Work in Progress

Colored Pencil on Paper

 Pineapple Fruit Ananas comosus
Drawing from Life

Dogwood Cornus florida
Drawing on tracing paper

Dogwood Fruit  Cornus florida
Watercolor on Paper

Magnolia grandiflora
Watercolor on Paper Work in Progress

Magnolia stellata
Work in Progress

Elderberry Sambucus nigra
 from The Williamsburg Botanical Garden
Watercolor on Paper

Laurel Oak Quercus laurifolia Michx
from The Elizabethan Gardens 
Watercolor on Paper

Pin Oak Leaf and Fungi
Watercolor on Paper

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