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I was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Sargent to paint a botanical for their dear friends.  After the home tour, they asked if I would paint a Paper White for their dining room. I was thrilled by their choice for it suited the room. With tape measure in hand, we determined that a 50 inch high by 22 inch wide subject would be perfect!

I knew that the molded Fabriano Artistico paper that I use was too small.  So I sent out a “call” to my fellow botanical artists. Several suggested using elephant sized paper as an option, noting that it is hard to find a hot press paper today.  However, this would not do for it would not provide enough white space around the subject.  My only option was to purchase a roll of 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico Traditional White paper ~ 55 inches wide by 11 yards long. 

I practiced on the new paper, only to learn that when working on 140 weight and it was not sized, the painted area noticeably left a depression.  This was a setback that I did not anticipate. I knew that I did not want to “soak” a 36 inch wide by 70 inch tall sheet of paper.  Namely, the fine surface that we botanical artists like to work on changes to a rather abrasive surface. 

After talking to Nora Bartlett, at Walls Alive Framing in Williamsburg, she said that dry mounting would take out the ripples.  We were moving in the right direction. One problem solved – one more to go. 

Next, I needed to attach the paper to a large board that would not warp and would not bend as I moved it from table to table and more importantly, to the client’s house.  After looking at all the choices, we decided on a 3/16 inch gator board and ordered a 48 x 96 inch piece.  Last week I was invited by the client to see it framed.  Here is the final result ~ just over 60

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